Variable Wattage Power Regulation With A Brilliant One-Button User Interface Is Finally Available in the USA

The Nivel Chip is a power regulation board for personal vaporizers.  It is designed and engineered in Russia by Alexander Innanov.  

The Nivel Chip is the only board available that allows personal vaporizer designers to employ a one-button user interface on their device with the ability to choose between variable voltage and variable wattage.

The Nivel Chip has been on the market longer than any other integrated modder's board.  For over two years, thousands of personal vaporizer enthuiasts have been using devices employing power regulation by The Nivel Chip, mostly in Russia and Europe.

Now it is finally available in America.


Here are some of the features of The Nivel Chip:

Works off a single 3.7v battery, or multiple batteries (in parallel)

Ability to use USB for battery charging

User can select Variable Wattage or Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage from 3 to 6 volts

Variable Wattage from 3 to 15 watts

Pre-wired for easy integration into a personal vaporizer

Battery Level Indicator

Built in ohm meter for displaying atomizer resistance

Worktime Counter (this is NOT a "puff counter" - for more information, see video below)

LED and LCD can be customized - turned on/off and brightness control

3.5 amp current limit

Short circuit protection

Thermal monitoring

Reverse battery protection

Here is a video showing how the menu system works on The Nivel Chip:

Here is an interview with Alexander Innanov, creator of The Nivel Chip - it starts at the 43 minute mark of the podcast.  Please let the waveform fully load before skipping ahead:

Here is an interview with Mamu, the legendary American modder who made a device called "Lexi" using The Nivel Chip.  She talks about her experience with The Nivel Chip, as well as her experiences with other circuitry available to modders.  The discussion regarding The Nivel Chip and other boards starts at the 59 minute mark of the podcast.  Please let the waveform fully load before skipping ahead.

Here are some photos of various mods from around the world that use The Nivel Chip.

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SMv3Semovar Prototype 12


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SvoeMestoMod 181
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SvoeMestoMod 138



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